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IMAGE Why You Should Choose a Designer Inspired Kitchen

Designer Inspired Kitchens are becoming more on trend than ever. Not only do they give you the most unique designs but they have usually been given the seal of approvals for superior quality from kitchen designers Llandudno. For many years, home buyers have sought after a truly unique kitchen, which will give their hom...
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IMAGE Adirondack Chairs Are More than just a chair


Adirondack chairs are the top talking point of all garden enthusiasts this summer, and it’s really not difficult to see why. Entirely and completely unique, in a series of beautiful and vibrant colours (which will well and truly allow you to make the absolute most of your garden!) these chairs are absolutely everything you need in order to ma...
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IMAGE Why Choose a Designer Dog Collar & Lead

It’s the one piece of equipment you’ll rely on the most when it comes to keeping your dog fit and healthy. Your dog lead needs to be a reliable and sturdy piece of equipment which reflects you or your dog’s personality. Just like we wear clothes, your dog’s collars, leads and accessories are a reflection of your dog’s personality.

IMAGE 5 Reasons to go Natural with Your Pet Shampoo

Not everyone knows the benefits of going natural with your pet shampoo, but we’re here to tell you why this is the best and safest option for your beloved pet.

It’s safer – I’m sure you might know that ...
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IMAGE Designer Dog Beds

Perhaps you’ve reached a time in your life when you really want to enjoy the comforts of a beautifully styled home. You want a room that is luxuriously decorated from to bottom – dog bed included. Your pet doesn’t have to go without when it comes to designer furniture.

If your dog is well into its adulthoo...
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