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Buy Beautiful Bespoke Stoves and Picnic Benches Online

Here at Lounge Shopper we are all about showcasing great online shops and North Wales Stoves is the perfect online retailer for the best stoves, fires and picnic benches.

If you live in the Wirral, Cheshire or North Wales you could get gorgeous stoves and picnic benches delivered to you. North Wales Stoves have the perfect addition to your house hold for both winter and summer.

In winter you want a great heating system to keep you warm but nowadays fuel is growing increasingly expensive. A stove fire is a wonderful alternative to other forms of heating because many wood burning stoves and multi fuel stoves allow you a use an excellent renewable fuel. It is much easier these days to get wood or wood chippings from sustainable local forests. Not only are the stoves better for not using fossil fuels but they heat you house or one room very efficiently and they make your heating system an attractive central feature of the room.

In summer everyone’s minds turn to their garden and a gorgeous redwood picnic bench is the way to create a great social feature for you garden. Picnic benches encourage everyone to get out in the sunshine, they allow you eat outside on hot summer days with reduced risk of ants. They provide a decorative object for the garden and redwood picnic benches are sturdy so they do not fall over in strong winds. They also come with a beautiful natural wood look that suits every garden.  All North Wales Stoves’ redwood picnic benches are sourced from sustainable forests and are treated to help them last as long as possible and repel rot and insects.

With North Wales Stoves you have the choice of a great range of picnic benches for summer and a wonderful new stove for winter. They provide wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, bespoke glass hearths and surrounds built to any shape, size or colour you could want and much more.

The best part is your can browse and order these wonderful products online so you do not have to worry about travelling to the showroom to choose your product.

You can also buy top quality range cookers from North Wales Stoves. These rustic beauties let you cook in a wide range of styles all at once.

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