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LED Lighting Distributors for the UK

LED lighting manufacturers and distributors understand the science behind the LED lighting solutions. It is always interesting to know a little bit about the product you are buying to get a good idea of its worth especially if you are buying in bulk.

When you are buying LEDs for large commercial lighting solutions it is always a good idea to discover a little bit about the science behind LED technology so you can know which LED product is the best solution for your lighting situation.  

If you are looking to light a large area then LED rope lights offer one of the best lighting options. LED rope lights come in two forms. True LED rope lights for commercial use are long linear, have no breaks and come in rolls up to 50m. They have cutting marks on them so you can cut them down to the appropriate length without damaging them. Sometimes an LED product will be advertised as LED rope lights but they are actually LED ribbon tape stuck together. LED ribbons are a great lighting solution because they can be easily stuck together to make them longer but the longer true LED rope lights are the most efficient solution for lighting larger, commercial areas.

What makes LEDs able to produce quality white light is the use of phosphor expertise and technology. This allows a range of different tones in the scope of white light. The amount of phosphor absorbed by the LED beam controls the tone of white light you experience. A key part of the brilliant science behind LEDs is thermal management. Thermal heat sinks extract heat from the LED’s chip. Lumen maintenance is another key part to creating great LED lighting performance. The superior technology found within LEDs is what allows them to have a much longer life expectancy than other lighting options.

LED Illuminations are a major distributor of LED lights for the UK. You can find out more about the technology behind LEDs on their website.  They offer a glimpse into how these amazing products work by providing an introduction into the technical side of LEDs and a look at how this technology offers the best lighting. They are also a great choice if you are looking for the longer length rolls of genuine LED rope lights for use in lighting large commercial areas. You can order LED products directly from their online shop or enquire for the best product for the job at hand.

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