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Fashion Tips for Larger Men

Fashion is something that everyone can enjoy, however when everybody has a different look it can be hard to find a good way to dress. If like me you're a larger man then it's key to rememeber that with a bit of snappy dressing you can present yourself brilliantly. You need to present your body in the best and most flattering way without trying to distort your body. You have to remember that everyone of different shapes and sizes need to consider the kinds of clothes they wear for their body, it's certainly no different for a larger man. Now, larger man could mean that you are taller, rounder, wider, whatever the case you need to find the right style of clothing to fit you. It might sound obvious, but if you are a large man, you need the right large men's clothing.

You might think that wearing baggy clothes that are a few sizes larger hide your figure, when in fact it draws attention to it, when selecting clothing the cloth should be resting lightly on your body, not squeezing it tight or dangling round your arms. The better your fit, the more at home you will look in your clothing, also you'll be more comfortable, which will improve your mood, therefore improving your appearance – happiness looks good! Find a good tailor who can make and alter your clothes to fit.

Generally, larger men look better in simple clothes, as you already have an imposing appearance, simplicity is your friend, look for broad solid spaces and simple patterns like light stripes rather than clothing jammed with crazy patterns.

Dress lightly, bulky thick clothing will make you look even bulkier, it can also overheat you and cause you to sweat, which can be a problem for a lot of larger men. Even if that's not the case, fine light clothing will make you look, and feel a lot better, give it a try.

The best clothes for large men are the ones which give a clear and defined body shape, these are your suits, blazers, sports coats, clothing that will frame your body neatly.

Try braces instead of belts, if you have a round stomach than a belt isn’t going to do any good at all, it will just slip down. The simple answer is to avoid this problem by switching to braces; a classic look that will keep your trousers strapped up. You can get your tailor to add brace anchors onto your trousers or get metal clamp style braces.

Get other people's opinions! This one seems obvious, but if you care about how you look to other people the best way is to of course ask people, your partner, your friends, your family!

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