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New Kitchen Designs: They're More Than A Place To Cook

You may have a fantastic vision in your head of your dream kitchen, but kitchen designers in North Wales and across the UK can offer expert advice to help enhance the space you have. If you are considering upgrading the space you have, let it be reminded that kitchen projects can be costly.

It is important to consider all aspects of the space you have and what exactly can be done within that area, to make the cost and time spent on the project efficient. Today kitchens are not just used for cooking; instead they are a place to socialise and relax as well.

The kitchen is the centre of the home, where family and friends can help whip up gourmet dinners and simple cuisine. A multipurpose room also serves as the hub of conversation, celebration and great food.

It’s ideal to stick to classic lines and features in your kitchen. You can then add accent pieces and decorative items to reflect your current tastes, as this can alternate every other month. Therefore it is easier and cheaper for you to buy new decorative pieces to spruce up your space, as opposed to re-designing your entire kitchen.

With regards to which colour to choose, white and brightly lit or warm and rich colours are the two styles people choose the most. A painted finish for walls is also popular too, as opposed to traditional tiles. In addition, showing off unique wood grains from your table or cupboard doors for example, gives your kitchen a little bit of personality.

White however is still the colour of choice for many and is still one of the freshest neutrals providing a simple, clean and uncluttered appearance. Smokey greys on the other hand are also becoming a colour of choice, providing kitchens with a sophisticated look with natural tones of grey and grey blues, perhaps even smoky lilacs. These colours particularly go well with stainless steel appliances.

For more inspiration and ideas, look at the top five kitchen designs for 2015 and see for yourself what designs are on trend right now.

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