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Preparing and storing your wooden garden furniture for winter

You can our purchase outstanding garden furniture in North Wales from top online gardening shops like Great Garden Products but you must make sure to take care of your furniture to maintain its beauty. Give your wooden garden furniture a good wash or scrub once a year to get rid of lichens and bird droppings - this is especially beneficial if the furniture has been sitting beneath a tree. Although it's tempting to leave cleaning your garden furniture until the spring, when you want to use it, it is much better for the timber to do this in the autumn.

It is important to ensure you have prepared your garden furniture for the winter as not cleaning it prior to winter can lead to an excessive build-up of hardened on dirt which is difficult to clean in spring.

Dirt actually holds moisture far longer than the furniture itself, and with moisture comes decay, which spells disaster for your precious garden furniture. If you are going to place a cover on your garden furniture, you should most definitely give it a good scrub, as the moisture on the dirt underneath the cover is given the perfect opportunity to grow and dry hard, making it incredibly difficult to get off when summer comes round. If you are looking for furniture that requires the least maintenance, you should check out oak garden furniture, as it is the most resilient to winter weather, and requires no oiling or chemical treatment.

Tips for protecting garden furniture stored outside over winter

You will not always be able to store your garden furniture inside, so understanding how to nicely store your furniture to keep it in great condition is important. Never store wooden furniture to sit in or by a puddle or on wet grass. It is best practice to place it on a flat stone or pebble under the legs so that it can drain and dry out when it gets the chance.

If the furniture is standing on grass and it cannot be avoided, it would be a good idea to use some kind of preservative to offer it some form of protection. After cleaning it, stand furniture for a number of weeks on its feet with some preservative applied to it. This will soak onto the wood and add protection during difficult conditions. Purpose made covers or tarpaulin is important to use, and make sure that the furniture and cover are bone dry and ensure that there is some form of ventilation to circulate so moisture will be able to dry out if it does get in.

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