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LED Exhibition Lighting

LED lights are at the forefront of the lighting industry. The best quality LEDs represent the most advanced technology offered by the lighting industry. Other forms of lighting does not even come close in terms of the light’s life span, brightness, power, flexibility, adjustability, safety and ability to save you money.

LED lighting has come a long way since it was only popular as Christmas lights and now it is dominating the lighting industry, particularly for commercial lighting projects, but increasingly in domestic lighting.

The reason for this is that it offers a brighter, longer lasting light that is more energy efficient. Over its lifetime LED lighting can save you considerable money on your energy bills as well as reducing your carbon footprint. It wastes very little energy as heat compared to other bulbs and this also makes it a far reduced fire risk.

Although it offers a bright light its shade and tone is highly adjustable. Unlike other light where shade is fairly limited you have a range of colour at your disposal with LEDs, including a wide spectrum of white light you never thought possible with many shades of warm and bright white LED light.

LED Illuminations is a professional LED lighting distributor who create large scale professional lighting solutions for various industry projects around the world. Their most popular product is easily the LED strip lights. They provide everything from LED rope light, ribbon lights, LED lamps, Led flood lights, power supplies and controls, basically every LED product you can imagine. Each product is especially suited to yield great results for a particular job and LED Illuminations can help you find the right product with their expert knowledge. LED strip lights are so popular because of their flexibility. They have been utilised in a number of ways to provide beautiful concealed lighting where there is no need for a light fixture, only the light itself is visible.

LED Lighting like the sophisticated LED strip lights offered by LED Illuminations are being favoured across a number of industries such as hospitality, retail and especially exhibition.

The ability to provide concealed light in a range of tones and shades is why LED lighting like LED strip lights make such good exhibition lighting. It can really make your stand or display stand out in a shop or at a conference.

In museum exhibitions LED lighting is highly favoured. This is because most light can actually cause wear and damage to precious ancient artefacts but LED lighting holds different properties and has been effectively shown to reduce light damage on precious museum exhibitions.

The high CRI and lumen output of LED fitments will ensure eye catching results in exhibitions.

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