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If it’s your little ones birthday, you’ll undoubtedly want them to celebrate it to make it a day to remember. Dependent on the age of your children, the number of people attending and the amount of money you’d like to spend; there are a range of kids party ideas covered in this article. From parties inspired by glitter, to ninja pirate adventures, there is something for all children if you use your imagination.

Bear factory – Build a bear party

This is an excellent idea for those little ones that adore teddy bears. This party idea will involve you purchasing several build a bear kits that come with child friendly decorations and bears that can be built and dressed up as the child desires. This party idea is not only great for kids, but also proves popular with all other ages, where you are offered a highly customised range of accessories for your bear to wear with style. Combine your build a bear activity with some light refreshments, a birthday cake and balloons and you’ve just organised the perfect kid’s party!

Children’s painting party

Just like the bear factory idea, organising a painting party provides a hands on, creative experience that children absolutely love. There are a number of ‘ready to go’ paint party kits available in shops, while you could even book a place at a kids pottery painting establishment, that will allow you to choose an item such as a plate or mug, before you have it blasted in the furnace leaving it ready to use at home. These parties always go down a treat!

Chocolate making party

All kids love chocolate! A very easy and tasty thing to make, a chocolate making party is always a big hit. There are a number of kits available for purchase that will aid you in making chocolate, but a very simple and effective method is to buy some simple moulds and a range of chocolate bars, then proceeding to melt the chocolate in the microwave before pouring it into the moulds in whatever combination you like. This can be topped off with some decorations and lollipop sticks to make lovely and attractive snacks, of which can be quickly set with use of the fridge or freezer. Again, add some light refreshments, simple party games and some birthday accessories to make a great fun-filled kids party.

Sports party

If your little child really loves a certain kind of sport, why not make it the theme to their birthday party. For example, soccer and basketball are great ideas if you have the location or area to create a playing arena for all the kids to enjoy. You can make up a number of drills, games and competitions, before ending in a competitive match. You can put on a nice buffet lunch and provided you have good weather should it be outdoors, you’ll have an excellent party.

These are just a few of many different ideas that you can try out for you child’s birthday party. From build a bear to chocolate making, many of these can be achieved even if you are on a tight budget. Kids don’t always need a fortune spending on their party with lots of extras that you’ve bent over backwards for. Just the right theme with a central activity, some light thoughtful extras and close company will result in a successful children’s birthday party.

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