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Printed Carriers are for life, not for single use!

Most plastic bags that used from a supermarket are normally only used once before they are thrown away. These plastic bags can take years to decompose, and hugely effect the environment whilst it does undergo this lengthy process.

While the small charge that has been introduced certainly helps reduce the number of bags that people opt to use, there is certainly a need to improve efforts – of which can be achieved through the use of reusable, recyclable and full bio-degradable bags for your business or personal use.

There are a number of ideas that you can employ to ‘do your bit’ to help us promote a better environment.

Density Polythene Bags

The use of density polythene bags will mean that the bag you use is either recycled or fully biodegradable. If you’re a supermarket, a business that gives out many bags or a consumer looking to make a difference, using printed carriers of this type would be most suitable. Furthermore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bags protect customers or your own groceries, while having further use after initial action.

Go the extra mile with ‘bags for life’

Branded ‘bags for life’ and printed carriers such as the flexi-loop are hugely useful and eco-friendly. Offering a range of material thickness and a choice of high or low density polythene will depend on what you’re looking for.

Printed carrier bags can take on a lot. They’re strong, durable, good looking and hugely reusable. This makes them not only a great choice for supermarkets and other stores, but also for consumers that don’t want the hassle of paying for a flimsy carrier bag every time. They can stand the test of time with anything that comes their way, and can be filled to the top without any risk of ripping!

Live forever Jute printed carriers

While ‘bag for life’ styles are very popular and useful, you could go out on a limb with jute carrier bags. These incredibly fashionable bags have a rustic and strong look, with natural materials. These can be used for a range of purposes which work for both food shopping and carrying your books and folders to work or school! They are hugely capable of handling relatively heavy loads and always prove a big hit at stalls, fairs, exhibitions and conferences as giveaways that can even be customised with a brand logo on – giving you an ongoing presence through their reusability.

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