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Bring your build a bear to your Teddy Bear Picnic Day 2016

July 10th 2016 is one of the best days of the year for Children… that’s right, Teddy Bear Picnic Day! A wonderful event for kids and adults alike, allowing what we would hope to be a lovely day of weather, fun, friends, food and fuzzy best friends!

Since 1988 the tradition has stood strong of this fantastic day, which will undoubtedly prove a huge worldwide success once again. As a part of the celebrations you could build your own bear, with excellent opportunities to allow your child some individual creative opportunities to build and bring their very own new friend.

Gather all your friends and family together for a picnic of all your favourite foods, games and activities, with sing along, dancing and games such as hide and seek being huge favourites!

The famed ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ song, written by John Walter Bratton as an original instrument only song, was later reworked by James Kennedy with lyrics, which led to the song as we know it. This song is a great addition to the picnic activities and due to its popularity; many children will already be familiar with the words!

As a picnic is somewhat of a classic British pastime, the theme for teddy bear in the height of July couldn’t sound more appealing, so we urge you to get involved with the celebrations by organising your very own friends, family and fuzzy bear picnic.

This year, take your own bear made easy thanks to Be My Bear Build a Bear that provide easy to handle and use home kits that will allow your child to easily make their very own bear that could be taken to the picnic.

Some of the bears and accessories on offer with Be My Bear include a range of different animal types, custom voice recorders, adorable clothing, party tips and ideas. Be my Bear are an award winning company that specialise in bear and animal kits, bear clothing and accessories – all to ensure a jolly experience. While it’s perfect for the upcoming July teddy bear picnic day, they are also great for birthdays, gifts, mother’s day and many other occasions!


Image by vastateparksstaff / Licence

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