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What Lighting Products Are Right For My Project?

If you are an architect designing a new residential or commercial building, a home owner creating your new décor or a marketer working on your latest retail display lighting will play a big role.

Whatever the project, lighting can really bring a design project together. Proper lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a room and the psychological message it sends. Naturally this message will intentionally be different depending on your aim. Office lighting in a commercial building needs to be bright to help people see easily and get on with their work. Retail lighting needs to guide people’s eyes to a display and make products appear more desirable. Lighting brightness will vary depending on what room in your home you seek it for.

Each lighting affect can be achieved best with different products and there are a great deal to choose from. The selection process can be intimidating and if you are unfamiliar with lighting products we highly suggest you consult industry experts. They will know which lighting solutions can provide the desired results.

If you want bright, high quality lighting that saves you money on energy bills in the future then LED lighting is the clear choice. Their technology provides you with lots of choice, the highest quality ranges offer an excellent, long lasting product with exceptional performance and the tone of light you can achieve comes in a big range.

A company called LED Illuminations have made a name for themselves in the lighting industry thanks to their in depth knowledge. They also only supply the high quality LEDs perfect for big architectural projects. They understand what each product can do and how different products can work together in a building or display. They don’t just sell individual products to customers, they are major global distributors offering full lighting solutions for projects of all sizes.

Their LED strip lights are the biggest seller. This is in part thanks to the popularity of concealed lighting. LEDs now come in almost any kind of bulb shape you can imagine to fit in any kind of elaborate lighting fixture. This is very useful if lighting fixtures play a big role in your design but if your project requires a very clean, contemporary design concealed lighting in one way to achieve this look. LED strip lights also come in many varieties, flexible strips, rigid strips, nano strips, waterproof strips. Each one will be uniquely suited to a different purpose. If you require accent lighting under cabinets or bright overhead lighting with no fixtures then LED strip lights are the way to go.

If you are unsure of which product will suit your design project please contact LED Illuminations for a professional lighting consultation.

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