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Best Plush Toys of 2016

Plush toys will always be a firm favourite among young children, making the perfect snuggly, cuddly friend. From baby to tweens (the in between years), the stuffed toy has been a staple toy decision for many a gift buyer. Take a look at some of the most longed for toys of 2016 making their way into the Lounge Shopper's most recommended, including the bear making kits, transforming the average toy into your very own creation.

Steiff Pokemon So far, only exclusive to Japan is the limited edition Pikachu ‘doll’, made with natural mohair, available through Japan’s leading Pokémon Store. Keep an eye out as the production of the ever popular Pokémon toy could be set to launch across Europe and Great Britain in the near future.

Bear Making Kit There are a huge choice of no sew and no fuss bear making kits suitable for all ages. These super soft toys let you build your very own creation at home with a kit that includes the toy skin itself, super soft stuffing, a birth certificate, passport and satin ‘make a wish’ charm.

Light Up Soft Toys For children who might be afraid of the dark, the ‘Wewill’ night light teddy is a must. The toy available in a number of animal forms, will give off enough colourful light to see with, yet dim enough to fall asleep next to. These soft toys are unlike anything else you've seen and parents in particular will appreciate the comforting nature of this toy.

Sloth Toy - This highly detailed sloth toy by Wild Republic is a fuzzy, cuddly dream for children. Made to look like a real sloth, its toes curl inwards to maintain its characteristics.

Trootoys Based all the way in Amsterdam, this small toy company produces hand-made felt replicas of children’s drawings. Imagine, that drawing that’s been hanging on the fridge for years, suddenly come to life with the same colours, shape as your prized drawing, only much bigger! Tailor-made for each individual order, the price of these unique toys does vary.

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