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World Hug a Bear Day 2016

November the 7th, 2016 will be World Hug a Bear Day. This is perfect time to get into the teddy bear mood with your kids celebrating everything soft toy! Whether you’re having a teddy bear tea party or even deciding to make a bear, we’ve got the ideas for you to make the most of this lovely day with your kids.

Create a bear – Why not do something different and create a homemade bear. No need to worry about sewing or safety, there are easy and safe build a bear kits that completely safe for children to use under supervision. Your bear kit will come with everything you need, the bear ‘skin’, super soft stuffing and a little ‘make a wish’ star. There’s plenty to choose from including penguins, dragons, rabbits and even a little tank car.

Bear Dress Up – We all have fond memories of dressing up our favourite toys. Now you can dress up your bears with Be My Bear. Choose from a wardrobe starter pack with cosy slippers, dressing gown and pyjamas.  Go for either a girls or boys wardrobe which includes either a range of dresses or superhero outfits to suit your toys personality.

Buy a bear friend – If you already have a favourite toy, why not get it a best bear friend.  Some sites offer plenty of choice so that even the rarest toy can find its match. What’s more, if you build your own, you can make your best bear friend extra special, created especially.

Bear tea party – Why not invite all your child’s favourite toys to a tea party? On a sunny day, lay out a picnic blanket in the garden, with a few plastic cups and plates if you don’t have a tea party set. Serve your favourite soft drink and bring your favourite sandwiches. You can even invite a couple of friends along too with their favourite toys too.

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