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Get Your Halloween Sweet Supply Online This Year

Halloween is an excellent time of year, yet this time of year brings strains and stresses. We quite often find ourselves rather conflicted with our children’s wishes. For most parents, it is usually a case of how much sweets are ideal to give to their children, and a very fine line between enjoying the time of year and promoting some serious dental problems to come. Yet, our children should indulge – they’re only children once. That, and there’s a number of sweets out there that take some time to eat, and can therefore be given out in appropriate amounts. There are a number of sweets out there such as Chupa Chups Lollies which are fairy easy to dole out to kiddies, and will last them a little longer than most. 

Chupa Chups Lollies are excellent for this, by the virtue that they’re hard sweets on sticks, and can’t be shovelled in and swallowed without care or consideration for taste or any form of restraint. Chupa Chups Lollipops are also flavoursome, satisfying, and are available in amounts large enough from The Sweet Pot, a Caernarfon-based sweet supplier which has been running some 51 years, to appease the neighbourhood kids which may or may not be knocking on your door as well.

Our favourite thing about The Sweetpot's selection of Chupa Chups is that they’re fully sized – it’s not like the supermarket where you’ll buy a bag of 20-50 lollies, get home and open them to find that they’re dinky versions of the same thing. (Whereas we’re quite endeared to miniature versions by the virtue that they’re pretty cute, it’s really not the same thing. Not really.) Every Chupa Chups lolly is fully-sized, and their selections of flavours are absolutely amazing and very reminiscent of the amazing variety of flavours that Chupa Chups as a company are very well known for. In our 100, we found an even split of flavours. It’s not a case of one flavour taking priority (coffee…) and others are afterthoughts.

The Sweet Pot also has the massive bonus of free UK shipping, and we felt that checkout was a breeze. All in all, we found ordering with them to be very easy, and deliveries swift, with their products at an excellent standard. Certainly one to consider this Halloween for all of your sweetie needs!

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