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Best Natural Dog Treats

Our dogs are very much like our children and an important part of the family unit. With this in mind, the best thing we can do is protect their health, to keep them in tip top condition. Of course, you can’t have a dog and not treat them once in awhile?! That’s why natural dog treats are being favoured over all the others, providing a healthier way to reward your dog.

Some breeds in particular are more sensitive than others, meaning they require a more refined diet to keep their tummy’s, skin and coat as healthy as possible. Like humans, dogs can also have allergies to certain foods, so keeping things as natural as possible should always be the first choice for your pet.

Here’s our five favourite natural dog treats that your pooch will love:

Billy and Margot Joint Care Treats – If your dog is starting show signs of aging, it’s always a good idea to start thinking about supplementing their diet. Billy and Margot come to the rescue with natural a air dried venison treats with added glucosamine. This of course is known to help lubricate joints making walking much easier.

Billy and Margot Strawberry Apple Mini Biscuits – If you find that your dog has a taste for fruit, then this will be the treat for your you. They’re small which makes them great for training without worry of overfeeding. These lovely treats made in the UK are wheat free, but still contain plenty of good stuff like linseed and pure fruit. You might also be surprised to know that these treats also contain seaweed!

Canidae Grain Free, Pure Chewy treats – These treats come from the USA and are a great treat if you’re looking for something a little chunkier sized. Described as ‘cookie-like’, they are chewy saviour for your pet, being corn free, wheat free, soy and filler free.  They come in three varieties including wild boar and cherry, bison and pumpkins and trout and pomegranate.

Calm Moments by The Dog Treat Company – This doggy treat company offers artisan, natural dog treats using ethically sourced ingredients. You can choose from a range of varieties to suit your dog’s needs and tastes. We like the ideal of the calm moments which have been infused with camomile to relax and calm your pet (ideal for bonfire night or for travelling).

The Barking Bakery – Now you can go all out and treat your pet to some muffins and popcorn too. Not like regular cakes, these have been cooked up using doggy friendly ingredients. Available from large chain pet stores, their ‘woofins’ can be purchased individually or as part of a variety pack.

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