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The Heavy Guys Guide to Clothes Shopping

If you’ve got a ‘thicker’ mid-section or gain weight easily, you’ll know the struggle of buying large mens clothes that flatter your body shape. These days there are specialist online retailers out there who give you great choices that are made to style a larger man but if you love the style of fashion stores, there’s a few rules you’ll need to follow to nail that ‘fly big guy’ style.

Go Dark – If you’re wanting to look slimmer, the rule of thumb is to go for darker colours. Science (and the fine art of lighting) says that wrinkles and bulges are more noticeable in lighter clothing. This is due to lighting cues that give away the shapes. Contours

Don’t Buy Bulk – Heavy Knit jumpers are great for winter but they are also a quick way to add on a few pounds to your appearance. If you really want love the woolly jumper, try to find one that’s of lightweight knit.

Avoid the skinny tie at all costs – It’s all about proportions and a skinny tie can make you look wider than you actually are. Go for something slightly wider, it’ll be much more flattering!

Be wary of skinny jeans – Some can easily make you look top heavy so be super wary when it comes to buying the right pair for your build. If you’ve got a baggy seat and tighter bottoms they might just work for you.

Single Breasted jackets – If it’s a special occasion and you are looking for a suit jacket, this will be the one for you. It’ll draw the eye away from your midsection. Got a pocket handkerchief? Great, this will suit your body type down to the ground.

Vertical Stripes are your Friend – This is one of the oldest rules of the book but it works. Vertical stripes add length and are slimming whilst horizontal lines add width.

Accessorize – Sunglasses can help to shape the face and complete the look. Different shapes suit different shape faces. Square shaped faces can hold slightly curved lenses really well. Heart shaped faces are well proportioned for square lenses whilst triangular shaped faces suit top-heavy frames.

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