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Why You Should Always Choose Natural Dog Treats

Just like humans, dogs need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and one of the best ways you can do this is buy going natural. Natural dog treats have been around for years, but they’re really catching on and for good reason. Here are just some of the reasons why you should go natural when it comes your perfect pooch:

Sensitivity – Some breeds of dogs can be incredibly sensitive when it comes to their skin. The pug breed for example, can be prone to skin conditions so they’ll need a diet rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help nourish the skin and coat (as well as manage any itching and scratching). Higher quality food with a good blend between proteins and carbohydrates are more likely help manage any difficulties with skin disorders and keeps their coat shiny and healthy.

Digestion – Natural foods are much easier to break down and digest. Whist you might think this means a lot of plant matter, it actually means richer meat protein sources found in higher quality pet foods. Why? Well, dogs are primarily carnivores with shorter, more acidic digestive tracts which are suited to meats. Cheaper quality dog foods will contain a lower quality meat based and higher plant passed protein which will take much longer to digest. Saying this, dogs also enjoy some vegetables which would sit nicely alongside a primary, quality diet. Bear in mind that too much of anything can be bad for your pet and a good balance is key!

Suitability – Some natural treats aren’t good for your dog due their higher caffeine content or shape. Grapes for example, can be swallowed whole and cause a choking hazard. Onions and chives can be toxic for pets whilst the seeds and pips from fruit can cause issues too. Natural dog treats have been developed to give your dog the perfect sized treat to also double up as play toys or teeth cleansers. The unique shapes help get right between dogs and make them a challenge to nibble, making the ideal treat to keep your pooch occupied for hours. Because they’re natural, they’re better for your dog meaning you can forgive yourself for giving out that extra treat when you get those puppy dog eyes!

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