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Mens Winter Trends 2016

Summer has now come to an end and it’s time to start investing in a winter wardrobe. Now’s the time to get in the know of this season's trends which are ideal for larger sized men looking for physique flattering choices. Large mens clothing of winter 2016 is set to embark on a season of strong, definitive style matching the old with the new.

Duffle Coats – They’re back with a bang. This season the most popular style on the catwalk was the modernised camel colour duffle coat. But don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it and go long, short or a completely different colour. The duffle coat is a great option for men with a rounded upper body physique, adding padding and clean edges to the shoulders.

70’s Colours – So we’re not quite back to all out flairs but we will most certainly be seeing the comeback of the colour tones of the 70’s including coppers and warmer toned check coats and jackets. This cooler season is going to bring the range of cable knit back, which will work beautifully with 70’s inspired outfits.

Texture on Texture – This season is all about mixing up the textures all the way from your suit and tie to your jumpers, shirt and jackets. This season’s suits are sleek, incorporating the old with the new. A modern fitted suit with the timeless pocket watch piece can easily be worn to a formal event. For casual, go for a warm undertone which can be matched with a knitted sweater. Don’t forget to go for a lighter knit if you don’t want to add bulk.

The Funnel Neck – the turtle neck jumper has had its time in 2015 but now, we move towards a more relaxed look which can be worked so conveniently into many styles. Wear it with your duffle coat or even style is with a pair of jeans.

Trouser Suspenders – If you’re going for a suited up look or even a relaxed style, suspenders are making their way back in fashion, sitting nicely alongside the bearded look. Of course, if there’s one thing a larger man holds well, its larger accessories. Match with a pair of sunglasses and a hat to finish the look.

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