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Everything You Need to Know About Natural Dog Food

It’s easy to idealise the life of owning a dog. They are an additional member of the family as well as a lifelong and very loyal friend. Some even treat them like children, and as many pet owners will already know, they really do need the care and attention of our own, right down to their diets. Depending on their age, breed, living environment and even their temperament – you will need to feed them a specialised diet that may include natural dog treats to help them to be healthy and happy pets.

The Basics – Dogs are naturally carnivores. Although they can survive on an omnivorous diet, their primary food source should be meat. Their stomachs are not like humans, being more acidic to manage the breakdown of protein and their sharp teeth for tearing and chewing meat. That being said, dogs (and cats) would take in some greenery in the wild when required. And as dogs do not produce the necessary enzymes within their saliva to break down cellulose and starch (found in a plant based diet) they are heavily reliant on their stomachs to do all the work. With this in mind, a good protein doggy diet is necessary with natural additives they would digest in the wild.

Advantages to a natural diet – There are many advantages to a natural doggy diet. Some dogs (particularly puppies) have sensitive stomachs which can leave them caught short during the day when their owners are away at work. Food that contains more rice and oats will help sooth an upset stomach and require them to ‘go’ less often. Often companies will add unnatural ingredients to influence the final shape, smell or colour of the final product. Of course, your dog isn’t going to care about these things, so it’s almost certainly a waste of calories for your pet. Just like humans, going natural often means a slimmer waist line as a result. More natural foods are more likely to contain more vitamins which are vital to your pet's overall health.

Better for you Treats – For many pet owners, obedience dog training is a big part of their routine and day to day lives. Treats are a great way of rewarding your pet for their good behaviour. Of course, when you’re rewarding with a multitude of treats (which should actually only account for 10% of your dog’s diet) going natural should be a priority, when maintaining a healthy diet. 

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