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How To Get A Perfect Looking Suit For The Bigger Man

Buying suits for bigger men isn’t always the easiest job. You're limited in size choice to begin with but then you also realise when you do find something it's not suitable for your body type. Well, we've got a few tips to help you get the perfect fitting suit to keep you looking sharp whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Look for specialists
Your first port of call should be to look for the specialists. Today more than ever, you should be able to find a suit online that caters to varied size differences. Although you might feel put off by searching for big mens suits due to lack of brand choice, they are going to be the best option for a comfortable and flattering fit. And the fit, is where the difference lies between a tailored looking suit and an ‘off the rack’ looking one.

Tailor it
If you fall in love with a suit that doesn’t quite fit in the way you’d like it to, take it to a tailor for adjustment. At first you might think that this sounds expensive, but when you compare the small price for adjustment with a fully tailored suit created just for you; you'll see why it's completely worthwhile.

Buy one that fits
Don’t be tempted to go for one that’s a size larger as this will add unwanted bulk to your look. Going too large is also one of the tell tale signs of a cheaper suit. You want your suit to fit close to your body and show off your shape in the right places.

Break up the colour
Using the same colour from suit to shirt can be overwhelming so avoid this if can. Choosing subtle contrasting colours will help break up the overall appearance and offer more to look at (and remember).

Look for edgy patterns
A tailor will usually show you the latest patterns and materials from designers and you want to mimic this process, so that you’re wearing the newest style on the market. Look for a material that’s a little different, even if it’s a dark colour you can often find something that separates it from the rest. Avoid ‘plasticy’ looking materials that are often used in cheaper suits.

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