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5 Reasons to go Natural with Your Pet Shampoo

Not everyone knows the benefits of going natural with your pet shampoo, but we’re here to tell you why this is the best and safest option for your beloved pet.

It’s safer – I’m sure you might know that some breeds of dog have more sensitive coats than others, well some dog shampoos can be known to aggravate skin making it more sensitive than ever. Excessive shedding, scratching or patches of dry flaky skin are all signs of a sensitive coat which can be treated with the right diet, exercise and grooming products. Natural grooming products are less harsh on the skin, not containing any of those harsh chemicals that might cause a reaction in your pet.

Better quality ingredientsNatural dog shampoo contains more of the natural, raw ingredients that are better for your pet's coat. Jojoba, macadamia, and coconut oils are all highly desired, wonder ingredients which soothe and soften skin and fur leaving it super soft.  These raw ingredients cost more to use and so you will rarely find them in your cheaper pet shampoos.

Better results - Better quality ingredients mean better results. You should see a noticeable difference in using a more natural shampoo if your pet has been experiencing difficulties with a cheaper product. Fur should be softer and more manageable whilst skin is left soothed, still containing the natural oils it needs.

You can use it more often – If you’re a dedicated dog walker, you’ll know just how easy it is for your dog to get mucky whilst you’re out or if you have a working dog. Natural pet shampoos can be used more often since they are less harsh on your pet’s coat and are usually PH balanced.  This is a great plus if you’ve got guests visiting and need to throw in that extra unexpected wash!

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