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Adirondack Chairs Are More than just a chair


Adirondack chairs are the top talking point of all garden enthusiasts this summer, and it’s really not difficult to see why. Entirely and completely unique, in a series of beautiful and vibrant colours (which will well and truly allow you to make the absolute most of your garden!) these chairs are absolutely everything you need in order to make a stunning statement and have the best garden in town. Bold and bright colours are all of the rage right now, and the summer has made even the most trend blind of us look at statement pieces and put serious consideration into something fresh, something new, and something different. That being said, it’s somewhat difficult to get hold of one of these beautiful chairs. Imitations are everywhere of course, but when you want something which is genuine and high quality, the best is always the genuine article. Fortunately, we’ve managed to locate an excellent supplier with a solid reputation, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg in order to do so! Greenhouse Staging is a supplier and manufacturer of folding green house staging, heavy duty greenhouse staging, and of course all manner of garden furniture, and mostly supply articles for your garden which have been made in their manufacturing plant in the hills of Wales.

However, they do make some exceptions with distribution rather than manufacture with regard to certain products of very high quality, and we are delighted to report that Greenhouse Staging are one of the very rare UK companies which do import in Adirondack Chairs from CR Plastics, and provide an excellent choice and variety of these beautiful things.

With these chairs being so rare, and not a lot of suppliers being able to get hold of them, let alone the variety and the choice that you need, Greenhouse Staging are one of a handful of suppliers which have a stock of these fantastic chairs, and for the consumer, that means that you’ll be able to get garden furniture which is utterly and completely unique. We’re more than certain that these chairs will be a talking point in your garden for years to come, and no doubt be the envy of your neighbours!

Adirondack Chairs are not all about looking good, though. They’re rather eco-friendly things, as each and every chair is made from 100% recycled plastic – nothing else. By investing in one of these chairs, you’re stopping so much plastic going to landfill or even worse being dumped into the ocean, and of course preventing all manner of major problems being caused by the fact that plastic, as a material, simply does not degrade.

Adirondack chairs are very well known for their quality, which means that each and every one of these stunning chairs is guaranteed for 10 years, and is absolutely maintenance free and so easy to take care of. Take the plunge! Get an investment in your garden which will look fabulous for years and years to come, as well as making a positive step for the environment and the world we live in.

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