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With every serious couple, there comes a time in the relationship where you decide to travel together. It is a ritual that will put said relationship to the test, but is does not have to be just a new experience to get to know each other… but to also meet yourselves. Nothing opens your mind to new opportunities like visiting exotic places and experiencing exciting adventures. So, if you want to surprise your partner with a getaway from the city, here are some tips that will help you turn your trip from a test of the relationship to a romantic voyage. Just remember: if you’re going to have sex in the airplane bathroom, do it when everyone’s asleep. Don’t get caught!

Even if the first instinct is to feel tempted to stay locked in the whole weekend in a hotel room, it’s best to let things escalate in its own rhythm. Be it at the beach or at the mountain, visit the surrounding areas and get a sense of the place where you are. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t flirt with one another, in fact, I totally recommend you do. Go mad with lust, so when you go back to your room, you can have a wild and memorable night. And, why not? If you can’t control yourselves, you could look for a secluded place and try outdoors sex.

Many people secretly wish to be with another person outside of the relationship, be it because they feel attracted to the idea of the game of flirting that happens during the first encounters, or because they enjoy thinking that outside the city, they could find a summer love. Regardless of the reason, you can always encourage each other to pretend as if you don’t know one another and recreate that dark desire. Go to a bar and pretend as if you are strangers. Invite each other a drink, use your best pickup lines and whisper into each other’s ears “Do you want to join me in my hotel room?”

Taking advantage of the fact that you’re breaking out of the routine, it is recommended to find something new that you both enjoy, something that makes you be able to say “Do you remember that time…?” and laugh. You can try new positions, sex toys, love eggs, body oils, all is fair game. My recommendation? If you go on a trip, try wearing an outfit that is related to the place or the Adventure that you are going to be living. There are more things in life than dinky bikinis.

If your objective in this adventure is to surprise your other half, then it’s best if you are prepared for a real evening full of passion. It is not enough just to rent a room, since a lot more foreplay is required. Remember, sex is a lot more than just the act. You can try paying extra to an employee of the hotel so that they, without your partner knowing it, can place candles inside the room, can fill up the fridge with champagne, or can cover the bed with rose petals. Surprise your other half with something more than just a new toy by showing him or her the commitment he or she deserves.

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