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Throwing a Masquerade Party: a Simple Guide!

Throwing a masquerade party can be a fantastic way to help your friend let loose and have some fun over a night of intrigue, and throw-back revelry. To be the best host you can be you need to sort the details - we’re talking about things like the food choice, the musical selection and the Venitian masks costumes that will be on show for all to see.

Choosing a venue - we want it to be spacious and clean, if you have yourself a big house then great! 

If your house isn't big enough to host a party see if you could rent a larger venue, such as a dance hall, winery and an events centre - or something else for the soiree.

Set a time and date - be sure to choose one when you aren't too busy in the time around the party as you will need ample planning time. It's also a good idea to choose a weekend so people can stay late and not have to worry about work the following day.

Give all your guests plenty of notice, you don't want to throw one at short notice or no one will come. To be really sure people will know to save the date, send notices 3 months before. Many people would appreciate ‘by invitation only’, rather than rely on technology to promote the event, send out physical invitations.

To incorporate the masquerade theme, consider that you need to choose the decor carefully.. Classical looking candles of all shapes and sizes with candelabras in gold. 

Or, if you want to forget the candles, you can use twinkling lights, next, choose the colour scheme - peacock royal blue along with canary yellow or even gold, gold and red, black and white, white and silver - there are many you can choose from.

Hang some masks on the walls or create centrepieces around them. Use drapes of silk tor velvet to cover up modern household items or other things that break the illusion. Fill the glass vases with feathers and beads and hang the masks on walls to create decorative pieces out of them.

Dress to impress  - get everyone into the spirit by making masks mandatory, give away a prize for the best costume of the night.

Food: try to go traditional with finger foods and canapes. For dessert, why not try a chocolate fountain and serve small cakes.

Enhance the revelry: masquerade balls automatically create an air of mystery and secrecy, so you could even incorporate a gam like a murder mystery. Other ideas include engaging in a rousing game of charades or having a ballroom dance. You could ask everyone to remain anonymous, so that the fun is equally more fun. There could even be a big reveal for the stroke of midnight where everyone’s masks are taken off and you could see who you have been dealing with all night long!

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