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Our Guide to RGB LED Light Strip Lighting

If you search for RGB LED strips, then you will see a lot of options. There’s a specific thing that you want - you should just search for 5050 RGB 5M 300. Presenting a quick breakdown of the various parts you may need.

  • 5050 - this is the kind of led strip lighting that you are most likely to find. This is a fairly standard part - it is big and bright, and still runs cool. Sometimes, you will find someone using 3528 LED strips. It’s advised that you avoid these, as they are a lot smaller, and dimmer, if you want to go bigger than 5050, then you are going to end up spending a lot more money, as well as getting a lot hotter.

  • RGB - Red, Green, Blue. This means that it is a tricolour strip, and by combining the colours, the tri-colour strips can make almost any colour in the whole rainbow.

  • 5M - This means 5M - this is often the longest length readily available...

  • 300 - this is the number of LEDs, most common setups that people have is a 5M strip with around 150 LEDs or 5M with 300 LEDs. We recommend you go for the 300 count ones, as the price difference is not that much and they are much brighter.

If you do not want to search around, you can go to the following site to get everything you need.

So, locate your 5050 RGB 5M 300 and select the one you want to buy.

If you are looking for general lighting, then white can be a good option, red and blue can be quite dull, so I wouldn't recommend them for anything other than accent lighting.

Should you get waterproof strips? The waterproof select of things means that the strands are much easier to work with, the coating assists when it comes to mounting strips to staples or other kinds of metal fasteners. The weight can on occasion be an issue when it comes to hanging them off of the bottom end of something, and you would like to rely on the built-in tape. Other than this, waterproof strips are great.

The easiest way is to use the small controller that usually comes with LEDs. These are very cheap when you get them with a 5M strip of LEDs, like the link that is posted on the final step. If you ordered a set that came with a power supply and controller, then there’s no need for this.

When it comes to power prices, you should be looking at the amps and voltage of each bit of equipment. Play it safe and use the recommended voltage.

Too little amps and the device won’t work, too many amps and the device will use only what it needs - so it’s okay to shoot over a little bit.

Often lighting will have built-in adhesive strips that allow you to connect it to the things adjacent to what you want to light up. If not, you can make use of hot glue, nails or staple to get the job done.

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