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Mobility Scooters vs. Wheelchairs: Which Is Best For You?

Both wheelchairs and mobility scooters provide essential support for those with a disability and those who have a recent or ongoing injury. To decide which equipment type is best for you depends on your personal mobility needs and personal preference. So, let’s discuss wheelchairs and answer the question on where you can get mobility scooter hire Llandudno

Mobility Scooters

These are typically used outside the house, for those who are unable to walk long distances easily. If you can easily move around your home, then you may just need mobility support whilst leaving the house. A mobility scooter will allow you to easily navigate on pavements, shops and public transport freely, with the use of controls to assist you. 


If you are looking to travel at a steady speed easily, a mobility scooter may be for you. When using a typical wheelchair, these of course cannot travel as quickly as you have to manually operate the wheels or it to move. 

If you have assistance who will be operating the wheelchair for you, then this may be a good, cheaper alternative for you.  

Manual Wheelchairs vs. Electric Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs have fewer parts compared to an electric wheelchair, with the latter having more assistance in operating. Electric wheelchairs are most suitable for those who have a lack of strength in the arms, or don’t have assistance from someone pushing them. 

Manual wheelchairs are easier to store as they are less bulky in comparison to electric wheelchairs. They are typically low maintenance, require no battery to operate and can also be lightweight, foldable and easy to transport. This is particularly good if you need to travel in a vehicle and store your wheelchair whilst doing so. 

Electric wheelchairs tend to be used for those who have long term mobility problems. These are easy to operate and do not require a lot of strength. Most electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters too have a lot of chairs so that the user can move with ease. These can also be personalised to ensure all aspects are tailored for your comfort. These include adjustments of the seating system, armrests, recline and tilt features. 


If you’re looking to hire a wheelchair or mobility, daily or weekly rates can be a reasonable rate. Typically, hiring a wheelchair is set at a lower price in comparison to an electric scooter, but this will depend on where you hire from. 

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