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Choosing your Recliner Riser Chair to suit your needs

Riser recliners charis are designed to offer comfort in a range of sitting positions, as well as the way in which people manage to get themselves in and out of the chair, offering different styles that make it easier to use and of course relax in.

The general belief is that the electric motor is battery powered, which is actually false – as the electric motor plugs into a normal mains wall socket via a transformer, which reduces the voltage to a safer level, ensuring it is not possible to get an electric shock. The chair will be equipped with a remote control linked to the motor by cable, which gives you control of the chair while you are seated. There are two different buttons that allow you to recline and raise yourself, making it very convenient to use. It is reassuring and keeps you in control at times, to let go of the button and chair will stop.

Standard chairs need to be places away from the wall, allowing enough space for reclining. When you fully recline, there should be at least a two foot gap when in an upright position. It is extremely important to ensure that the back of the chair does not contact the wall. There are alternative chairs for those with smaller spaces, with chairs such as ‘wall huggers’ which use less space and function slightly differently.

Different chairs have different motions, and recline to different degrees, where single motor chairs and footplates rise up before the back rest proceeds to go down. Single motor chairs recline to different angles which make it convenient for different things, may it be watching TV, reading a book or taking a nap.

Single motor
As the name suggests, this type of chair works with just one single motor, this is an important difference when it comes to affecting the reclining action. When your chair only has one motor and the chair reclines, the backrest and footplate move together or in a coordinated fashion, and the upwards rising function is the same, whether it has a single or dual motor. Different chairs have different motions, and many singular motor chairs have foot rests that go up before the back rest is lowered and usually go to 45 degrees – considered comfortable for television watching.

Dual motor
A dual motor chair has two motors, one to control the footrest and another to control the back rest, fiving you ultimate flexibility in your reclining choice. A dual motor chai does recline fully, allowing you to sleep in your chair if need be.
The handset on a dual motor recliner chair has at least four buttons, but is easy to quickly work out how to use. For those with struggles in remembering, or anyone that has dementia, it can be recommended that you go for the single motor chair as it offers more simplicity. Some handsets have a fifth button that will reset the seating position from any way that you are currently set.

Options to consider

Style of back
There are a number of different back styles that are worth considering which depend on your personal preference. Here we have entailed some information surrounding it.

Button back    
A traditional style that ensures a neat looking chair that supports your back, although it is also possible to have soft button back designs.
Also known as a pillow back, this waterfall type is made up of three pillows that cascade down the back of the chair, to give a ‘waterfall;’ effect. The individual pillows have zips that allow you to control the amount of filling, so you have ultimate control over comfort levels.

Roll back
This style is typically made up of three or more sections, of which are built into the back that give a great level of support.

Orthopedic back
This back type provides a firm support and is suitable if you experience back pain, and the shape of back mirrors the contours of your spines natural position, which encourages good posture.

Wall hugger
Found with some single motor chairs, the wall hugger ensures the base moves forward when the chair being reclined that means you can place the chair very close to the wall, without making any contact – which makes it perfect for smaller rooms.

Tilt in space
The tilt in space type of chair holds a special type of motion when it is reclined, as the seat strays horizontal. A tilt in space motion will angle the seat of the chair backwards whereby the reclining back reduced the amount of strain placed on the lower back, keeping an L shape while you recline. This type of chair is only available in single motor chairs.
There are also a number of other factors to consider when choosing your chair, from neck pillows, battery backs up and arm caps, to seat width, height and depth. Making the right judgement when considering what you need your chair for, combined with your personal preferences and the type of chair the room can take, you should make an excellent decision the ensures relaxation for you for the ongoing future.

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