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Halloween Party Ideas

Autumn has officially arrived and as we start to see the leaves fall from the trees and the darker, colder evenings draw closer, we have Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas to look forward to.

Halloween is only a matter of weeks away, and although the tradition nowadays is to take the children Trick or Treating, some would prefer for them all to be inside safe and sound. Be My Bear offer a variety of tips for throwing the perfect children’s party, but this doesn’t have to be for birthdays only.

This Halloween you can throw a unique party for all the kids, by throwing a teddy bear party at home. The children can safely build a bear with minimal supervision required as the teddy bear making kits have been designed to be safe and easy to use by children.

Once the bear is made, the children can dress their new best friend up in any outfit they desire. Be My Bear have an eclectic range of teddy bear clothing including fancy dress costumes, separate clothing items and accessories to choose from, but because it is Halloween, why not opt for the Pumpkin outfit or Be My Bear’s Halloween Witch?

That’s not all, as there are many more little extras available in the online shop including Picnic Partyware for your teddy bear party for a mess-free and easy to clean party zone.

Each kit comes complete with the teddy bear skin that as a one-way closure, super soft stuffing ready for all the cuddles, a satin make-a-wish charm, birth certificate, luxury gift bag or box, instructions and the all-important invitations for your children to hand out to their group of friends.

Do something different and unique this Halloween by planning your teddy bear party today. It’s simple and straightforward, with no hassle at all. Shop online at Be My Bear and select your chosen sizes, animals and quantity and your order will be dispatched to you within 48 hours.


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