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Why Choose a Designer Dog Collar & Lead

It’s the one piece of equipment you’ll rely on the most when it comes to keeping your dog fit and healthy. Your dog lead needs to be a reliable and sturdy piece of equipment which reflects you or your dog’s personality. Just like we wear clothes, your dog’s collars, leads and accessories are a reflection of your dog’s personality.

Designer dog collars and designer dog leads aren’t all about ‘the look’. The designer dog leads from Teddy Maximus are built for strength and quality, featuring solid brass hardware, delicately put together with Italian leather and Shetland wool covering for a beautiful finish.

These pieces are lovingly made in England and set the standard for both style and quality. One of the great features of this lead is that the fine Shetland wool (which comes in a range of colours) will soften after each use, making it a truly luxurious piece of equipment.

The Hennessy & Sons Dog collar range sold at Pepe Loves, are also another quality item to add to your collections. They use Italian Saffiano leather finished in a range of retro and pastel shades with clean white edges. These collars and leads are lined with hypoallergenic and also water resistant French Alsavel. The metal is surgical stainless steel; ideal for dogs who suffer from skin allergies. These collars are great for small to medium dogs that would suit a lighter collar.

These luxury collars and leads can be matched up with dog coats, carriers and even their very own special toys to create a whole collection that you can enjoy with your pet. The beds make a great addition to your home, offering a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes.

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