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Buying Dog Clothing for your Pooch

It is well known that many people love to pamper their dogs in many different ways. Amongst treats, toys and being very positive towards your dog, people are resulting to getting their dog a new piece of clothing for fashion or practical purpose. Dog clothing has come from a niche market, into a more mainstream one in recent years, as more and more dogs clothing brands decide to enter the marketplace.

There are people who disagree with dressing up their dogs for whatever reason, as they may have the wrong idea about what is right and wrong. A common belief is that dogs don’t require clothing as they have fur. Wrong. Dogs get cold too, and a layer of protection in the form of a dog sweater or coat will make a huge difference. The winter months can be brutally cold, and your dog will feel it too, so having something ready for them is important if you want them to remain happy. Dog shoes can be a great addition as they help protect the dog’s feet from frostbite, slippery surfaces and salt.

Many people think it will hurt the dog, or be unkind when you put clothing on them, especially if they aren’t used to it. If putting an item of clothing on a dog hurts them, you’ll be able to tell. Dog clothes are designed in such ways that provides comfort and allows them to move around freely as they would normally. Some dogs will need time to get used to wearing clothing as it can be a little different for them, but they should soon get used to it. Some dogs may just outright hate the idea of clothing, whilst others will love it. If a dog really doesn’t want to wear something, then please don’t force them as it is unkind!

Choosing the right size for your dog in regards to clothing is very important. You should always get your dogs measurements and check out a sizing chart. Remember, dog sizes are not the same from brand to brand, meaning one brands small size could be another’s equivalent of medium. So always check! If the dog’s measurements are between two sizes, it is recommended that you should buy the one that is bigger, as it won’t restrict them or choke them in any way.

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